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It was brought to my attention that we had Tectuma listed here.  A lot of changes have happened since then.  We switched back to unity3d because our project was causing unreal to crash all the time driving our devs nuts.  We also changed back ends so there is no longer something to down load just a link that we provide (when we are testing) that allows users to long in.  We will have a more permit link soon when we leave the server up once that happens I will post it.  until then feel free to join us on Twich!!!

We will be adding new folders soon...

What is Tectuma?

Our team is building a FREE Space MMORPG live on TwichTV and we decided to make the game public while we build it. This means that our very next push you can check out what you just watched us work on (we do a push live at least once a day). We do this so we can get feed back from our players and also so our players know what is going on with the game. The entire project is only a little more than 3 months old but you will be amazed at what we have gotten done so far.

Why are we doing this?

It is a labor of love, we are building a game that we want to play and letting everyone join in on the fun. Lot of hard work and late nights are going into this project. But it is a fun road we are going down. Besides the biggest thing we are trying to make is a community.

How do you plan on keeping it free?

First we keep our cost down. You will not see us tossing cash away like no tomorrow, or buying the biggest best servers out there. This does mean that we scrape by and do the best we can with what we got but it still is worth it.

Second we are a firm believer in people like you! With what is going on in the gaming market where players are being lied too and just about every money grab that can be used is, we want to be different. We want YOU to decide on how your cash is used. Help support a project you can believe in. A game with complete transparency that lets you see what is going on, what we are working on and where every penny counts and is truly needed!

And if you can not help support the project that is fine with us. Some times the best support is just swinging buy and saying "HI". Trust me you would not realize how much it means to us to meet the people that are testing out the game.


Main site: https://tectuma.com/

Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/tectuma